Together, we rise.

Welcome to On SquadRace, where running becomes the ultimate team sport. Where collective goals meet personal performance. And where speed, strategy, and perseverance mix in a global competition.

The race is virtual, but make no mistake: the competition is real. In SquadRace, every runner, every step, and every second counts. Let’s go!

We donated CHF 5 per SquadRace participant to Free to Run during the local races, which totaled up to a CHF 8950.

More Information

We donated 5 CHF per SquadRace participant to Free to Run — an initiative championing human rights, gender equality, and freedom of movement. Their team uses adventure sport to develop female leaders in regions of conflict. Combining sports programs, life-skills development, and community outreach, they aim to help women and girls reclaim public space and change views about the roles they can (and should) play in society. Our support will help them evacuate local women working and supporting Free to Run on the ground from Afghanistan, along with women and their families who are members of the Free to Run community.

The Race is on

Starting December 1st, 64 squads will compete for the title of the fiercest running squad in the world. The finals will take place over three race stages: the group stage, the semi-finals, and the finals.

You and your qualified squad will earn points based on your speed, stamina, and team size. Points will be given based on:

  • The average 5k speed for all your squad members.
  • The total average km run per Squad member.
  • The size of your Squad (up to your 50th runner).


The Three Stages of the Tournament:

Group stage: December 1st — 4th (CET / UTC+1)
A draw will divide the 64 qualified teams into four groups. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the next stage.

Semi-Finals: December 5th — 9th (CET / UTC+1)
There will be four knock-out races, which will each decide our final four squads.

Finals: December 10th — 12th (CET / UTC+1)
The remaining four teams will compete for the title of the fastest Squad in the world.


How do I take part?

All squads that qualified can participate in the finals. Remember: Your squad will need at least seven runners, and 30% of your team must be female.

Each member of your squad must individually sign up.

The group stage will run from December 1st — 12th. Each squad member must register at least one 5k race to be counted in the Squad ranking. The more you run, the more points your team gets — so don’t stay inside for long.

Track your runs with any tracking app. Register your runs by choosing your squad in the drop-down menu, then adding your name and time. Upload a screenshot or link to your activity as proof.

Share your run with #OnSquadRace and tag @on_running.

Celebrate your achievements and download your medal.


Build your squad for the finals. Record your fastest 5k. And rack up as many km as possible. It’s time to work with your team to rise above the competition. Make it through the group stage, the semi-finals, and the final to become Global Champions.

All squads that qualified for the global finals. Remember: Your Squad needs at least seven runners, and 30% of the team must be female. There is no maximum limit for membership.

Squad member registration runs from November 19th- 30th. The race will kick off immediately after: from December 1st — 12th.

Hit the streets wherever you want. The choice is yours. Just make sure it’s not downhill (nobody likes a cheat).

The Rules

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Log your best 5k time under ‘Speed’ (have as many attempts as you like — but remember, no downhill routes).
The faster your Squad’s average time, the more points you get.

It’s not just about speed. Stamina matters too.
Run as many km as possible during the race period and log them under ‘Perseverance.’
The higher your Squad’s average km total, the more points you get.

Your Squad must be at least 30% female and contain at least seven runners. Build your Squad as large as you want. You’ll get more points for every runner who joins you (up to your 50th runner).

We’ll add all your points from the 5k average speed, average km total, and squad size. Highest total wins.

Did your squad qualify for the Global Finals? Now compete in the group stage, the semi-finals, and the final to become Global Champions.

The Races

Four different regional competitions took place throughout the year. Those who did well qualified for the global finals at the end of the year.









Every other country that
is not an on market, so far


Do I need to be part of a squad to take part?
Yes, all runners in the SquadRace compete as part of a squad.

How big should my squad be?
Any squad must have at least seven runners. There is no maximum limit on your squad size (although you’ll only accumulate points for your first 50 runners). All squads must be at least 30% female.

When can I register?
Registration runs until November 30th. Only those who are members of qualified teams can sign up for the finals.

When does the race period start?
Racing runs from December 1st — 12th.

Where can I run?
Wherever you like. Hit your local streets, park, or nature reserve. Just don’t you go downhill (nobody likes a cheat).

How do I record a run?
Track your runs with any tracking app, then — once the race is live and your squad log-in page is active — simply enter your name and time. Upload a screenshot or link to your activity as proof.

What happens if I’m not happy with my 5k time?
Your best 5k time will count towards your squad’s total points. If you’re not happy with your first attempt, simply try again. You can attempt your 5k ‘Speed’ time as often as you like during the race period.

How do squads accumulate points?
During the race phase, your points accumulate from:

• The average 5k speed for all your squad members
• The total average km run per squad member
• The size of your squad (up to your 50th runner)

How can I track my squad’s performance?
You can visit the live On SquadRace scorecard to see where you stand and what you need to do to overtake your rivals.

What prizes are available?
The top three runners with the fastest 5k’s in the finals:
• First place: Shoe of choice
• Second place: Performance-T
• Third place: Performance Socks

Top four squads in the Global Finals:
• First place: 2000 CHF (50% for the team, 50% to donate to an organization of your choice).
• Second place: 1500 CHF (50% for the team, 50% to donate to an organization of your choice).
• Third place: 1000 CHF (50% for the team, 50% to donate to an organization of your choice).
• Fourth place: 500 CHF (50% for the team, 50% to donate to an organization of your choice).

Who makes the global stages of the competition?
To make it past the regional stage, your squad needs to win your country, get a top-three finish in your region, or secure a performance wildcard by getting enough points to be part of the finals without winning your country or securing a top-three position in your region. Overall, 64 teams will compete in the global finals.

When, how, and where will the global SquadRace finals take place?
Regional SquadRace races finished on September 26. The finals will take place around the world (December 1st — 12th) as a live virtual event.

How much does it cost to enter SquadRace?
Nothing. It’s completely free.

Is there a hashtag?
Yes! Share your runs on social media with #OnSquadRace. Don’t forget to tag @on_running too.

What Covid-19 precautions should I take?
Please observe all current hygiene and social distancing rules in your country.


Average time of all accumulated fastest 5k times of all Squad members.
Ranking from 1000 to 50 points. The faster, the better.

< 15:45 = 1000 Points
< 16:00 = 975 Points
< 16:15 = 950 Points
< 16:30 = 925 Points
< 16:45 = 900 Points
< 17:00 = 875 Points
< 17:15 = 850 Points
< 17:30 = 825 Points
< 17:45 = 800 Points
< 18:00 = 775 Points
< 18:15 = 750 Points
< 18:30 = 725 Points
< 18:45 = 700 Points
< 19:00 = 675 Points
< 19:15 = 650 Points
< 19:30 = 625 Points
< 19:45 = 600 Points
< 20:00 = 575 Points
< 20:30 = 550 Points
< 21:00 = 525 Points
< 21:30 = 500 Points
< 22:00 = 475 Points
< 22:30 = 450 Points
< 23:00 = 425 Points
< 23:30 = 400 Points
< 24:00 = 375 Points
< 24:30 = 350 Points
< 25:00 = 325 Points
< 25:30 = 300 Points
< 26:00 = 275 Points
< 26:30 = 250 Points
< 27:00 = 225 Points
< 27:30 = 200 Points
< 28:00 = 175 Points
< 28:30 = 150 Points
< 29:00 = 125 Points
< 29:30 = 100 Points
< 30:00 = 50 Points

Squad A: ∅ 18:51 = 700 Points
Squad B: ∅ 21:59 = 500 Points
Squad C: ∅ 17:29 = 850 Points

Average km per Squad member within the race period
5 Points per average kilometer

Squad A: ∅ 75 k = 375 Points
Squad B: ∅ 110 k = 550 Points
Squad C: ∅ 65 k = 325 Points

Amount of Squad members
5 Points per runner (up to 50 runners)
A runner needs to log in at least one 5k time to be counted for the Squad.

Squad A: 35 runners = 175 Points
Squad B: 27 runners = 135 Points
Squad C: 10 runners = 100 Points

Cumulative number of all points collected

Speed + Perseverance + Power = Total

Squad A: 700 + 375 + 175 = 1250 Total Points
Squad B: 500 + 550 + 135 = 1185 Total Points
Squad C: 850 + 325 + 100 = 1275 Total Points