¡Muchas gracias a todos los participantes y a todos los equipos! ¡Ha sido un gran placer organizar el evento para vosotros!

¡Enhorabuena al equipo Russian gangsters por ganar la clasificación nacional con un increíble tiempo total de 22:18!

¡Enhorabuena y gran respeto a todos los demás equipos! ¡Vuestra actuación ha sido simplemente increíble! Consulta todos los resultados a continuación.

Clasificación final

¡Usted y su escuadra están invitados a la On SquadRace en los futuros mercados de On!

Te invitamos a formar parte del evento que convierte el running en un deporte de equipo.

Es una carrera de 5 km como ninguna otra. Cada paso, cada runner y cada segundo cuentan. Con tu equipo impulsándote hacia adelante, ¿crees que conseguirás una nueva marca personal? Inscríbete ahora en On SquadRace. Porque juntos llegamos más lejos.

Desgraciadamente, ¡todavía no hay ningún evento oficial de SquadRace en tu región/país! Pero no te preocupes, ¡todavía puedes participar con tu equipo! ¡Demuéstranos que también debemos organizar SquadRaces en tu país!

Reúne a tu equipo, ya sea físicamente en un lugar o virtualmente si estáis en diferentes sitios, y participa en la On SquadRace Europe. Puedes registrar tus tiempos en la plataforma SquadRace durante la fase de carrera (9 de septiembre, a partir de las 18.00 horas, hasta el 10 de septiembre, a las 21.00 horas).


La participación es posible independientemente de la ubicación
Registra tu carrera de 5 km en cualquier momento durante la fase de carrera (9 de septiembre, 18:00 a 10 de septiembre, 21:00). 


Do I need to be part of a squad to take part?
Yes, all runners in the SquadRace compete as part of a squad. Of course you can also create your own new squad for the event.

How big should my squad be?
Any squad must have at least seven runners. There is no maximum limit on your squad size (although you'll only accumulate seconds for your first 100 runners on race day). All squads must be at least 30% female.

When can I register?
Registration runs from August 15 until September 9 (5.59PM).

When does the training period (counting kilometres) start?
Training runs from August 22 – September 9.

Where can I run?
We'll have physical events in Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Oslo, Barcelona, and Zurich. You can also join virtually by hosting your own race!

How do I record a run?
Track your runs with any tracking app, then — once the race is live and your squad log-in page is active — simply enter your time and distance. Upload a screenshot or link to your activity as proof. For Berlin, Vienna, and London events, we'll provide time tracking with your personal bib. You will receive the bib at the event location.

How do squads accumulate time?
Your overall team time accumulates from:

• The average 5k speed of all your squad members on race day
• Minus the total average km run per squad member during the training phase (1 sec reduction per average km)
• Minus the size of your squad (up to your 100th runner) on race day (1 sec reduction per race participant)

How can I track my squad's performance?
You can visit the live On SquadRace scorecard to see where you stand and what you need to do to overtake your rivals.

What prizes are available?

Live event prizes:

The top three runners with the fastest 5k's per live event:
• First place: Shoe of choice
• Second place: Performance-T
• Third place: Performance Socks

The winner squad per live event takes the SquadRace trophy home.

Overall country prizes:

The top three runners with the fastest 5k’s (on race day) per country overall:
• First place: Shoe of choice
• Second place: Performance-T
• Third place: Performance Socks

The top three squads with the fastest overall average team times per country:
• First place: Shoe of choice per team member
• Second place: Performance-T per team member
• Third place: Performance Socks per team member

Who makes it to the finals?
The winners of each country and the fastest teams will be added to the European finals until 32 teams have qualified.

When, how, and where will the race day take place?
The SquadRace races take place on September 9 & 10. The races in Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Oslo, Barcelona, and Zurich you can join real at the location or virtual. For all the other European countries, you can join the virtual event.

How much does it cost to enter SquadRace?
Nothing. It's completely free.

Is there a hashtag?
Yes! Share your runs on social media with #OnSquadRace. Don't forget to tag @on_running too.

What Covid-19 precautions should I take?
Please observe all current hygiene and social distancing rules in your country.


Average time of all accumulated fastest 5k times of all Squad members on Race Day.
The faster, the better.

Squad A: ∅ 18:51
Squad B: ∅ 21:59
Squad C: ∅ 17:29

Average km per Squad member within the training period
1 second bonus per average kilometer

Squad A: ∅ 75 k = 75 seconds
Squad B: ∅ 110 k = 110 seconds
Squad C: ∅ 65 k = 65 seconds

Amount of Squad members on Race Day.
1 second bonus per runner (up to 100 runners)

Squad A: 35 runners = 35 seconds
Squad B: 27 runners = 27 seconds
Squad C: 10 runners = 10 seconds

Cumulative number of all times

Speed – Perseverance – Power = Total

Squad A: 18:51 minutes – 75 seconds – 35 seconds = 17:01 total time
Squad B: 21:59 minutes – 110 seconds – 27 seconds = 19:42 total time
Squad C: 17:29 minutes – 65 seconds – 10 seconds = 16:14 total time